Dimensional plastic spoons

I adore this site.
Clean layout (as always Tony), a smart slider with scale (fine fellow Freddy), calculators and other nishtyaki of brain Dima.
Oh, if it had climbed higher in Yandex!

Freestyle Federation of Russia

Process of approving my design was not an easy, but the site has turned a sporty, bright, fresh, to the delight of all.

other draft

Company “Carcass-D”

Such metal-industrial-brutal site turned for my old client Alexander.

Previous sites that I have done for Alexander: promosite for plastic spoons, site for Krita, Tandem-Plast's site and on-line shop “Smart Basya”.

Company “Firm LIST”

The new version of the company's website, where I now work.
And I am pleased to send the previous version in the sarcophagus.

previous version

“Firm LIST” Web-Department

The new version of the my Web-Department's website.
Here Tony successfully realized my ideas with the presentation of portfolio and fictional tablet on the home page.

previous version & other draft

Ford Sollers

Ford Sollers

Intranet portal for Ford Sollers Holding.
The most common design, but fairly difficult project.

And again many thanks to Tony for the correct layout and to hero Freddy for his support of this giant.

House of Russia in Barcelona

A charitable foundation website in 3 languages.
Honestly, I like my other version of this site, but they chose this.

other draft

Online shop “Two beards”

It is an board games online store for my charming colleague Alex.
And I am very grateful to Tony, our Web technologist, for his strict layout and attentive attitude to my design.

Business Club “Partner of companies”

It was interesting and a pleasure to work on this project.
I would like to see how it will rise.

PCF “Master-Climate”

One of my favorite projects (in no small part because of the wonderful customers).

Many thanks to Beh, who patiently led me out of the wilds of frustration to this variant of the design.

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