Wakeboarding park “GoodWind”

Site of the wakepark, located on the beautiful waterfront in Naberezhnye Chelny, which I love walking.

Online shop “Euroceramics”

I like this site, but it is a pity that its design has changed so much.

PC “Krita”

This site has a very nice texture background, which, unfortunately, is not visible in the picture.

Then I was tortured on it with php-coding for various forms of settlement. Because the remarkable programmer Dima had not yet worked with me, so I had to do everything myself.

PA “Tandem-Plast”

Such a simple small site-business card. But it is cheerful!

Online shop “Smart Basya”

My first Bitrix online store.
It is quite small, just a few boxes, but I suffered with its because my ignorance of the software at that time.

Academy of management

Unfortunately, the site is now far from my original version.
When I get tired of watching its mangle, then send it it to the realm of the dead.

Company “ItProfIt”

A site with a parachute
(parachute photo from Anna).
Yes, I know, it is so-so, and technology lame too, but even so it is dear to me primarily its mood.

previous version & other draft

Osteopathy Center

When I made ​​this site, I was greatly concerned about the cleanliness of the code, and wanted to write the perfect layout with styles.

But it turned a compositionally lopsided, not surprisingly, the same crooked then and I was due to problems with my spine.

other draft

Company “INIST”

Oh, INIST — my love.
Very wonderful people working there, which I remember.

other draft

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